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About Lisa T.

We style through jewelry. We believe that jewelry is not something that is just worn based on where you are going, but rather how it makes you feel when you wear it.

Lisa T. is a native of Los Gatos, CA . Growing up in the gem business, Lisa was exposed to diverse life experiences that provided a rich canvas of expression. This multi-cultural exposure and international lifestyle has opened the doors for a carefree passion and inspiration bridging East to West.

The craftsmanship of each piece of jewelry is so exquisite because of the elegant details. Each high-quality piece is handcrafted from only the finest materials and most extraordinary gemstones available. The manufacturing techniques are handed down from generation to generation.

After graduating from USC in Southern California and working for Sotheby’s, she pursued her heart and attended gemology school and design classes at the Gemological Institute of America, eventually opening doors to her private jewelry business.

After 15 years of private sales, Lisa opened her first retail jewelry boutique in 2014, located in the heart of downtown Los Gatos, CA at the renovated LG Theatre.

At this unique jewelry store, you will find exquisite pieces designed by Lisa herself as well as special pieces from various fashion-forward designer collections. Today Lisa resides in Santa Monica, California with her husband and two children.

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